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He knows his client, Phyllis Todd, is innocent of murder, but he strongly suspects she has allowed herself to be accused of the crime to protect her daughter.

More Info CONTROL agent Esperanza manages to get The Tequila Mockingbird away from KAOS, but she's killed before she can reveal its location.

Reg explains that he has been living in Newcastle, and after a visit to the infirmary, was diagnosed with a hereditary blood disorder.

Goldblume is bemused by his new relationship with Gina Srignoli.

To make matters worse, there is a case of mistaken identity which culminates with her kissing under the mistletoe with a most unexpected partner. She manages to get poor Richard into a Father Christmas outfit but then has to confront a very drunken Daddy, who is making passes at the parish ladies in the church rectory.

This holiday special is a timely classic that brings the joy of the season into everyone's heart and home.

Year after year, Ed Sullivan made Christmas the most special time of the year.

In the history of broadcasting there may have never been a series of more powerful, emotional and inspirational treasures than those contained in this amazing compilation created from performances on The Ed Sullivan Show.

You'll be moved by the rousing voices of Shirley Verrett and Mahalia Jackson, an inspirational performance of When the Saints Go Marching In by Louis Armstrong, Wink Martindale's hit record A Deck of Cards, Charlton Heston reading from the Bible and a deeply moving and powerful performance of Peace in the Valley by Elvis Presley.

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