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(He had purchased the home from Mike Tyson in 2003.) Looks like 50 Cent still knows how to get rich …“You have to hide the anger,” says Curtis "50 Cent” Jackson.Following in the footsteps of hip hop moguls such as Dre and Jay Z, Jackson successfully expanded his brand into other markets.He promoted and invested in Vitaminwater, a partnership that reportedly netted him 0 million when the company was sold to Coca-Cola in 2007.

His personal appearance – muscled and tattooed, wearing a bulletproof vest and toting a handgun – was also a strong factor in his appeal, as was the fact that his lyrics were based on real-life experiences, in a game where most rappers' boasts are idle.

Jackson has two sons, Marquise and Sire, with two different mothers.

His legal and financial problems began to mount when he was sued by Lastonia Leviston, a girlfriend of Rick Ross, for releasing a sex tape online without her permission.

I’m done.50 Cent Must Pay Additional M in Sex-Tape Lawsuit Who would win in the ring: you or Gyllenhaal? A lot of times when artists come up without financial freedom, they create their superhero persona that could do all of [the things they want to do] financially. The simplicity connected to “Go shawty, it’s your birthday,” that’s what has the power to turn into something that is recognized by the world.

But when the music videos cut, everything goes back: the car goes back, the jeweler takes back the jewelry.

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