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That can happen when supporting libraries (dlls or ocxs) are not registered properly or the versions of the installed libraries are different (and incompatible) with the version the app was compiled against originally. Right click the project and select Publish then Build Outputs. Another cause can be when using automation, some minor-version mismatch of Office: I have a legacy VB5 Access app (which i'm in the process of rewriting in Delphi and replacing all the automation mess with clean Open Document generation) that ran well on some systems and gave the error on others.Make sure all dependent libraries are registered and the proper version. This error would happen when generating an Excel spreadsheet, and seemed harmless (except the annoyance and as it would show a dozen times the risk of user clicking 'Abort' in the middle) as if always clicking 'Ignore' everything worked as expected.Maybe these continual numbers also serve to remind me that all is not lost. Reply I see 1111 all the time in the beginning I didn’t notice or really pay much attention until I remembered my best friend whom past away more than20 years ago her bday was November 11!My physical issues are just temporary “roadblocks” and that nothing can get in the way of my life purpose. 1111 means a lot to me every time I see 1111 I say make a wish close my eyes breathe in relax and smile I tell ppl whomever is around to make a wish but I don’t my wish already came true just knowing and feeling the presents of my bff in heaven watching over me and to remind me to stay positive do what makes me happy. I truly believe in angels I can sometimes feel their presence I get goosebumps and other things kinda hard to explain. I believe New York will be Nuked with 2 nukes this year at this time.It is understood by many that when a poster claims to be “HWP” that they’re actually overweight, but don’t want to say it.Craigslist posters may try to hide their real weight by not giving a weight, but claiming to be HWP.HWP is an acronym often used on Craigslist and on dating websites. On Craigslist, HWP is typically used in personal ads where one person is looking for another person, possibly to have a relationship with.

Any way i wanted to thank you so much for that video and to wish you best of everything 🙂 monica Reply I’m a natural born psychic medium. Where there was a fine line between psychic, or psychotic. I understand overall how it works, but have not come to any conclusions. Since then I started seeing 1111, never thinking twice about it but it kept continuing and so I went online and researched it and what I found out is very eery. Reply I had a son who was born on 11/11/81 for many year I had seen this no.By the way, the initials of all my names begin with G…isn’t that funny? But he is in touch with me almost a month but i found my self again week not focused on my goad no burning desire towards my goal and also see frequently the number 11.11.. I believe a big event is coming and I have heard it will happen when we are sitting down eating or something. God prophecied New York would be getting nuked just like Japan (sunami). And Obama (evil) just visited Japan to say sorry for the 2 nukes in world war 2. I just was blessed with my grandson he unfortunately passed from SIDS he was born at exactly 11 am and on the 11 month. Reply Isnt that crazy…I was just looking up, what 69 means, because i constantly see that number…and then i notice your sons year of birth is 69…no idea what God is trying to tell me…my husband passed away 9/6/13…I am so sorry of your loss…but one of my best memories of my husband was on 11/11/11…at …i turned on the vehicle clock at just that time…I said, hon…what do you think God is telling us…and he said, you will always remember this…and he was right on! I see every day on the clock, , I was reading the article about , I look in the corner of the computer the time is and I got a wave of shivers over my whole body.😀 Reply Hi,the only way to raise your vibration is a simple way actually, like this post say,clear your heart open it,clear your mind open it,let your light shine as bright like the sun,and let that light expand more and more,but first,when your clear your heart and mind breath in first heavily and to slow breathing,then start to clear and open up,from there ull start feeling your vibrations, expand the light and set yourself inline with your guides,ascended masters,your angels, as you do this exercise remember to thank them for the signs,for guidance, for being there,for the protection ,ask them to reveal what you need to do,remember patience is of outmost virtue,men with no patience stumbles in blocks made of frustration… Whenever he is in touch with me i saw 11.11 but but whe he doesn’t lli saw the number 12.12! since many years iam into spiritual things, recenty i was wondering to get a sign to the things i think are right… Japan was building up military equipment under the waters and was going to go to war against China. He should have said sorry for the 2 in japan (sunami) and the 2 he is going to set off in New York. Reply Several months ago I started noticing on the clock a lot. If I try to wait for it to come up, I somehow get distracted and miss it. Reply I began seeing this now for years, at least 3 or more. The bear is my spiritual guide, I would like to know what this means for me. I also see a lot too, and that was the time my first born came into the world. I swear in my peripheral vision I am seeing a white but see through shape of an angel. I’ve been in a lot of pain for a long time and I’ve lost so much. Reply Why is it I see this every day but I feel I’m going through a very distressed time not a good day so I ask the universe not my angels what am I learning it’s scary in me things r getting worse not better Reply I see 1111 or 111 or variation of that all the time and did not understand but sense some life altering things have happened in my life I have realized that it was a wake up notice from my spirit guide now I embrace these numbers with an open mind and soul and how my blessing have become more real I am vey thankful and don’t take for granted anything knowing that my prayers are heard and for this I will always be grateful…. I always notice and everytime I saw it when he was alive, I’d say make a wish. So now when I see I constantly think he’s still doing it❤❤ Reply why should we stick to the part that is a good sign ? i keep seeing all bloody day, and i dont get good vibes from it ! The day, and address, where Shane, and Tyler were killed. I will pay attention to the signs from my angels and start living more. if angels comes from a christian orthodox or catholic or what ever religion, why they never mention .

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  1. The Midwestern State University sexual misconduct policy has been developed to reaffirm these principles and to provide recourse for those individuals whose rights have been violated.

  2. Without necessarily using the term "obey", they believe women have "different but complementary roles and responsibilities in marriage..." Biblical patriarchy prescribes a strict male-dominant hierarchy.