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Sri Lankan by birth, Sheana had a beautiful coffee complexion and an extraordinary train of dark, wavy hair that the school required kept up in a bun, since, when loosened, the long strands reached well past her shoulders.

She was shorter than most, but her breasts and bottom were so prominent, at times her posture seemed rather awkward. As well as meeting the new girls, it was important to recognise the social leaders.

We had spent a lot of time deciding what to wear, eventually daring each other into wearing tasteful but teasing outfits we hoped would attract the boys we wanted to meet without being too 'sluttish' and damaging to our reputations among the girls.

In the end, Sheana wore an almost too short, very tight and shiny synthetic number in bright scarlet with a thin gold belt and red heels, guaranteed to create a sensationally exotic effect against her dark skin tones.

Her pampered appearance, her confident manner, her ease in conversation with students and adults alike - everything about her indicated familiarity with power and wealth.Early the next day, Kimberly stopped me between classes and, smiling widely as usual, told me Sheana and I were the talk of the schools after our "provocative" performance. She called most girls "darling", an affectation I found typically snobbish and silly of her. I certainly should have welcomed you aboard long before now, but how was I to know you were hiding so much talent in there?Now, listen, darling, I'm sending you an invitation to a little sleepover I'm hosting very shortly.I had barely replaced the phone when it rang again and this time it was David, as expected, in position and with oiled cock in hand. *** It must have begun with being sent to a new school.I had meant to make up a story for him about seducing the postman, but my mind was already recalling long-forgotten but very sexy images of Sheana and myself… As the only daughter of a state politician, I grew up in a well-to-do but extremely hectic household where certain decisions were put in place and there was absolutely nothing I could do about them.

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Ignoring everyone else, we danced up a storm, letting the throbbing bass beat move through us, from our shaking breasts and thrusting hips, right out to the tips of our whirling limbs.

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