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His former wife, TV actress Sharon Lee, calls Debra's mother several times threatening to disrupt the upcoming marriage.

Street secretly married Sharon on December 14, 1957, and divorced her on January 8, 1958.

after a terrific spat in Santa Barbara, she and her big romance call the whole thing off.

The leotards are so skin-like that she and Leigh refuse to pose for news photographers in their working clothes.When queried about it, she says, "Oh, it's just a ring..." columnist Edith Gwynn writes: "If that engagement ring Debra Paget's wearing wasn't given her by a certain Mr.Big, we have a hunch the '10-carat sparkler' is a studio donation. Romantic publicity might do much to offset the dull press Debra's had up to now.My mother and daddy were not for my getting involved.I probably would have married him.” maintains a 26-room mansion for 13 relatives.

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