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In addition, Sky will host over 70 4K movies before the end of 2016, including The Revenant, The Martian and Spectre.And there will be several box sets available on demand too.While you are watching a show that is available on demand, either as catch up or as part of a box set, the Sky Q box will automatically download the next episode and place it in your library, so you can carry on straight away.It will even autoplay the next episode as you end the last, in a similar way to other apps, including BBC i Player and Netflix.The Manual Software Update for Sky Digiboxes should not really be needed.In most cases the Sky digibox will self update the software automatically, so in the first instance, just continue to use the sky box as you would normally.It will also choose to output with 8-bit or 10-bit colour depending on your TV, but it will not output 4K video with HDR at present.

The content will arrive on 13 August, to coincide with the first Sky broadcast of the new Premier League season.This guide mainly applies to the DRX890 and DRX895 boxes as these are the only SKY HD boxes that Sky still support, but some of the tips below will work for older boxes. The SKY HD boxes are essentially a mini PC in-a-box with an internal hard drive, a TV output, input via a small control panel or remote control, and a network card in the form of an ethernet connector or built-in or attachable wifi device.SKY supply the software or 'operating system' (known as the EPG) that runs on each box.If you don't want the next episode to start automatically, you can just press stop and come back to it at a later date.In addition, the next episodes in a series that are yet to be shown on live TV are easier to find. If you are trying to scan forward or backwards through a film or TV show in order to find a specific moment or scene, you can now either swipe to zip through quickly to the time you want, or you can use quick swipes on the touch remote to jump forward in one minute intervals.

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red LED only).9) Leave the Sky digibox in standby for 1 minute as it carries out a self check and applied any new software..10) Switch Sky digibox out of standby (green LED illuminates).11) The Sky digibox will take a few minutes “Searching For Listings”.12) Your Sky digibox should now be operating on the latest available version of software.

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