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For lust, we’ll likely do the bare minimum because we don’t have much to lose besides sex – great sex although it may be.

Like a wild fire, lust often starts fiercely but quickly dissipates as it burns itself out.

In other words, men are perfectly content maintaining a lust-based relationship into infinity and beyond with no expectation, hope, forward thinking, or desire for a relationship or love to ever grow.

Nevertheless, there’s a place for both lust and love in our lives.

In my opinion, even the absence of him claiming he doesn’t know what he wants from you is not the evidence of hope; it should be the evidence of doubt.

Once that goes away, the relationship will likely cool too.Men tend to fall in lust for all the wrong reasons but in love for some of the right reasons.While men process them separately, the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.If you want him to appreciate more than the lust he has for you, you’ll eventually have to connect with what’s above his hips (preferably above his shoulders) too.What’s the difference between love and lust to you?

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WIM is not a model, a model citizen, or a role model.

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