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Relishing the smoothness and the taste as it slipped across my tongue.

You dream about ripping open her blouse and spending hours between her big breasts.By that time my slut was begging to cum so I said, with an evil grin, “Only if you fill the squirting dildo with your jizz then suck it again for me while you shoot your own load into your mouth. He stood, “You’re pinking up my dear, ready for some red? Knowing that nothing I said would stop the belt, until he was satisfied.Shifting on my knees in reply, wiggling my pinking booty, and arching my back to present it to him, inviting the next; CRACK I slipped into the pain, the feeling of the belt, his soft words of encouragement now and then with a really hard crack became my whole world.Most of our contract focuses on my slut working on those cock sucking skills.Recently, my slut decided to impress me with a very special dildo. First I had them suck that 8.5″ squirting dildo with it primed and ready with the fake cum lube that was in the box.

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Common courtesy demands that you put the package on her desk and not give the contents another thought.

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