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The fake is easy enough to detect though, my cell phone connects to the internet in a different place than my home internet. It is hosted by cloudflare, on a cyberverse datacenter. For instance, if you look at the fine print when you are redirected to, the fine print reads Incorporation papers indicate that the office has been moved to Exeter Office Park, Exeter England, which appears to be a Regus shared office space. The owners full name is Mr, Barry Alan Harvey Becker.I can go to the same page at the same time from both and get two different area codes. ) Thru use of a programming function called an IFrame, the craig-personals site gathers your email and sign up and credit card entry. British Incorporation papers provide a correspondence address – a nice little cottage at 9a Uplands Park Road, Enfield, England.If you choose to remain a member of Your Perfect Match Is Waiting beyond the trial period, your membership will renew at Note that I added the emphasis above. So if you’re not careful, you are going to have .00 in charges on your card.It would not surprise me that the uberhorny site also has a charge that you haven’t seen yet.Therefore, the most straightforward model is to charge the people who want to find a partner.My experience with dating sites is that it's cheaper to pay the site than it is to go to all the "events" I had to go to in order to meet prospective partners.It is browser based (not email), meaning it will allow the sender to contact their target person, on their browser, regardless of what website they might be visiting.It is a perfectly legitimate technology and legitimate company that runs the service. Pushcrew states that they create unique subscriber ID for the user, and that there is a cookie placed on the browser.

People have, historically, spent LOTS of money to find a partner.

Here are a few This is a common logo, and site name (Title) which is different than the URL.

If you see anything like this pic, its probably a scam.

Next, you are presented a page that requests your credit card.

In some sites, that is all you can see, but there are hidden charges.

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Jessica’s picture from the website is found in multiple places using a Tineye Search.

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