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They also described the ideal attributes that a man and a woman should have in a heterosexual sexual situation (IDEAL-SEXUAL).

The men's expressive scores were lowest for GLOBAL, intermediate for SEXUAL, and highest for IDEAL-SEXUAL.

Sexual misconduct is a serious offense and such violations are subject to any combination of conduct sanctions.

Conduct procedures with individuals found responsible for violation of the nonconsensual sexual intercourse policy face a recommended sanction of university suspension or university expulsion. MWSU portal, Student Life website, and Dean of Students website, as well as in person at the Clark Student Center Information Desk and Dean of Students office (CSC 104).

Consent to one form of sexual activity should not, and cannot, be taken as consent to any other sexual activity.

Individuals who consent to sex must be able to fully understand what they are doing. In addition, silence—without clear actions demonstrating permission—cannot be assumed to indicate consent.

Finally, there is a difference between seduction and coercion; coercion is defined in this policy as unreasonably pressuring another person for sex.

To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected] of these data were presented at the meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, Minneapolis, November 1991.The authors sincerely thank Lucia O'Sullivan, Guy Grenier, Caroline Ploem, and Raymond Eno for thier helpful comments throughout the research process.There were no differences in expressiveness or instrumentality of the ideal man and the ideal woman in a sexual situation.It is concluded that, despite some convergence of attributes in sexual situations, traditional gender role prescriptions continue to guide young men's and women's behavior in sexual interactions, but not their conceptions of ideal behavior.

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Midwestern State University is committed to creating and sustaining a campus environment where all members of the university community can learn, work, play, and love without experiencing or fearing sexual assault, harassment, dating/domestic violence, or stalking.

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