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This level will take even longer to complete since the parent and child latch information are added to the duration of the previous 2 levels, which are already information gathering intensive.

First, because the information gathered is based on the shared_pool_size and secondly the volume of information gathered based on SQL statement information, plus the parent and child latch information.

Through the DBMS_JOB utility snapshots can be taken at a scheduled interval.

When the script was executed as part of the Statspack installation, the DBMS_JOB package was created for the PERFSTAT user.

One of the requirements to use the DBMS_JOB utility is that the parameter job_queue_processes must be set to a value greater than 0.

The script is designed to setup the automation of executing snapshots once every hour.

Single-instance tuning should be performed before attempting to tune the processes that communicate via the cluster interconnect is false, wait events are ordered by the number of waits.

This is also the default snapshot level when Statspack is installed.

LEVEL 6 - GENERAL PERFORMANCE SQL STATEMENTS SQL PLANS AND SQL PLAN USAGE This level is new in Oracle9i and it will include all the information collected from the previous snapshot levels, plus execution path and plan usage information as they relate to high resource SQL statements.

Passing the i_session_id value to the procedure will enable this option.

The following is an example of using this feature: SQL Executing a snapshot interactively can be as easy as accessing SQL*Plus as the PERFSTAT user and using the SNAPSHOT.

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However if the actual statistic counts are small, this would not be an area of interest.

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