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Since starting her job she’d found that a liberal sexual attitude could be a great asset in the business world as well, earning her a promotion after several late nights alone in the office with her boss.

Soon she saw Uncle Greg’s car pull up on the driveway and she opened the door for him. He returned to the kitchen with a smile.“Your dad didn’t tell me that you were going to be here,” he said and stopped, staring at his scantily clad niece who was perched on the kitchen counter.“Yeah, it was a spur of the moment decision,” she smiled, crossing her legs so that she showed off her thigh and one of her naked butt cheeks.“Well,” Uncle Greg cleared his throat. I didn’t have time to finish my dinner when you called.”“That’s no problem!

Ellie started getting uncomfortable watching this with her dad and uncle.

“Take your top off so that your daddy and I can compare your natural tits with the silicon rack on screen.”Ellie started protesting, this was not right.

She’d taken 2 weeks off to go to the Caribbean with her boyfriend, but the jerk had dumped her last week and changed her ticket to his new girlfriend’s name. “I thought you were in the Caribbean with that boyfriend of yours.”“No, we broke up, so I decided to come home.”“I wish you’d told us sooner,” said her mother who’d joined them.

She decided that she wanted some normality for a couple of days so this morning she got into her car and started driving the 400 miles home. “We just booked a last minute deal to Florida.”After a few minutes of goodbyes, Donna was alone in her parents’ house.

Her dad and uncle were parked on the couch, watching some movie.“Hi beautiful,” said Uncle Trevor.“Hi Uncle Trev,” replied Ellie. You’re getting more and more beautiful every time I see you.”Ellie laughed and parked herself between her dad and uncle.

Uncle Trevor was her father’s older brother and he was a long distance truck driver. He placed his arm around her shoulders and she was happy to rest against him. The three of them chatted as her dad flicked through the channels, trying to find something better to watch.

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