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Nonetheless, we can make at least one distinction between the terms.

Being anonymous gives you protection from those who might attack you for your views, either online or in person.An online radio station plays your favorite tunes in one window.You are furiously typing away on a Word document for an upcoming homework assignment in another window, as notifications pop up that the shoes you wanted just went on sale.You might be a little embarrassed if you think you are sending "lots of love" with an LOL message to someone going through a rough time when they read the meaning as "laugh out loud." The same goes for double checking the meanings of emoticons which can also be easily misinterpreted.Many devices incorporate auto-correct as a timesaving device, but that can also get you into trouble if you neglect to correct the auto-correct before you hit send.

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Sure, you can say whatever you want to someone else under the guise of anonymity, but do you want to?

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