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Age 12: Writes her first song while still in the eighth grade.

Her father, well equipped as a concert promoter to showcase her talent, gets her a gig as the opening act for contemporary Christian music artist Carmen.

Critics like it, and it peaks at #168 on the Billboard 200 and #6 on Billboard’s Contemporary Christian chart.

Age 19: Nominated for Grammy for Best Rock Gospel Album.

So, with that in mind, congratulations are quite obviously in order. James’s case is an interesting one, and one made even more interesting by the articles that have been published about the announcement. Moreover, she is famous in the circles where she would be most likely to find a husband, which certainly had to add to her perceived attractiveness. My knee-jerk reaction is no, especially given that Fink seems to have no significant life accomplishments beyond doing well in college and being a missionary in South Africa for two years. James, who is famous and beautiful and far better of a Professional Virgin than Britney Spears ever was, is marrying him. My third theory is more of a subconscious level idea, which is that Fink IS actually the best that St. To get someone as good-looking as Fink who also is able to keep it in his pants for somewhere between 28 and 36 years (I’m going to assume Fink is a virgin due to St.

(I believe that fame always adds to a person’s perceived attractiveness regardless of sex, if not in looks, then certainly in interesting-ness.) And because St. Was she just too busy with her career to put in the time necessary? Was her father’s dual role as her manager an impediment to her ability or desire to meet men? We can infer from the articles that Fink has no notable pedigree, is not independently wealthy, and does not have a prestigious job (or any job at all? James’s statement “We are truly amazed at finding our .” [my emphasis] The whole thing seems cloaked in virginity-speak), St. A Christian alpha would have either married young or fooled around until he felt like marrying.

Her book goes on to sell 100,000 copies and spawn a journal and study guide. Also participates in the pop/prock Veggie Tales album (by covering the Veggi Tales Theme Song).

Judging by the photo of the couple, Fink is your basic ideal Christian beefcake beta: good-looking enough to be desirable, not dangerous enough to be sexually threatening or do something risky like skateboard down a railing or drink semi-copious amounts of alcohol. James is a very physically attractive Christian pop/rock singer whose main claim to fame is her very public proclamations of her virginity and her determination not to have sex until she is married. James tying herself to a man she’ll probably have to financially support until she dies? Ten bucks says he’s kind, good with kids, and devoted to a fault. James’s mindset, which places top priority on fidelity and “cherishing,” Fink probably looks like a manly man .

James has become engaged to Jacob Fink, a Colorado native and sometime missionary to South Africa who now resides in So Cal pursuing his “career in music” (whatever that means, which is most likely “doesn’t really have a job”). James hears the clock ticking and is more willing to settle. James regards Fink’s beta qualities as Christian-alpha.

She’s written books about waiting, hit songs about waiting, and even a book about married life waiting.

With a career that started when she was only 13 years old, she’s been belting out mega-hit songs and inspiring young people for over twenty years.

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