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In a recent study from Mayo Clinic, Kelm and colleagues demonstrated that the SSC approach to fluid resuscitation results in fluid overload in 67% of patients with fluid overload being an independent predictor of death with an odds ratio 1.92 (1.16-3.22).[7] A recent study from Professor Jean-Louis Vincent’s ICU (a founding member of the SSC) demonstrated that a large positive fluid balance starting on ICU day two was an independent predictor of death.[8] In the largest study to date, we evaluated day 1 fluid intake (from all sources) in a representative sample of 23 513 patients with severe sepsis and septic shock in the USA.[9] In this analysis we demonstrated that American clinicians administer far less fluid than recommended by the SSC, that over-resuscitation ( 5 liters) significantly increases the risk of death while under-resuscitation was associated with a small but statistically significant survival advantage.

It is remarkable that the Federal Government has mandated that physicians use a therapeutic intervention that is scientifically unproven; this is unprecedented in the history of medicine.[3,4] Both the Federal Government and the authors of the SSC decree there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule; astonishingly, they mandate that patients with pneumonia or Acute Lung Injury be intubated so that they can receive the potentially harmful 30ml/kg fluid bolus [6]. this can only be described as reckless and medical malpractice (see Trial Verdicts below).It is critical to stress that the SSC recommendation and the SEP-1 mandate are devoid of any scientific evidence, indeed, a strong body of scientific evidence suggests that such an approach may be harmful.Furthermore, living in a country which values the freedom of speech and the freedom to tell the truth, this letter will be published in its entirety on the Internet.Yours Sincerely, Paul Marik, MD===A Youtube Lecture Paul Linked to on EGDT===From: Marik, Paul E.

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