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It also has moderate astigmatism, but the farsightedness kind of masks it. Since you have an eye test next week, if you don't mind me saying, I really think that it would be best not to try to self diagnose.I actually noticed the astigmatism more when my left eye wore a 3.25 contact lens. Weirdeyes , Why do some hyperopes have better than 20/20 vision? When we try to self diagnose, it is easy to misinterpret things owing to us not having a professional understanding, and our subjective emotions.When I have no glasses my left eye is actually higher contrast.Before I got glasses I might even mistake my left eye for being better.If she had she probably wouldn't need her glasses to drive like she does now. My current prescription is really straining my eyes, so I wear 1.50 glasses when I'm doing close up work and 1.00 for distance. She has been taking her girlfriend's old glasses (the ones with 0.50 prescription that Danielle bought her) to work to wear over her contacts as her eyes have been feeling a little bit tired towards the end of the working day.It's not 100% clear for distance, but I notice my eyes are even strained for distance with my current rx. She hasn't been wearing the glasses all day, just when her eyes feel tired.

If she doesn't want her distant vision to be worse she really should start wearing progressives.I think she is in two minds - she knows that she almost certainly needs a stronger prescription (definitely for reading and possibly for distances) and that not having an eye test sooner is just delaying the inevitable but she still hopes that there is a chance her eyes might improve by the time she has the eye test. What approximately would most people consider to be normal reading distance?What distance would an optician consider to be an acceptable near point of focus?Also an interesting encounter I will post in sightings.Weirdeyes , One thing that's definitely true is that farsightedness makes your eyes feel sharper.

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