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Supports mixed signals as required, from HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or analog composite sources. The viewer accepts an array of formats and frame rates including NTSC, PAL, 1080/59.94i, 1080/23.98Ps F and 1080/50i.Includes a Windows application for managing the layout.

By default this antenna is set in direction to Japan, planning later to finish switching of the antenna pattern by relay to opposite direction: South America.The streaming video can be used for additional local computer display or for remote monitoring.Monitor audio levels of up to 16 channels of HD/SD-SDI embedded audio.Main reasons behind implementation of JT10: better sensitivity, smaller bandwidth and greater band capacity, possibility to overlap spectra of signals and decode it, better resistance to Doppler frequency spread in comparison to the JT65A mode. Improved JT9 decoding performance on the RX frequency, optional free messages filter out of the RX frequency, 90d B range for input signal meter where there is real signal shown coming to JTDX, improved JT65 weak signal decoding for slow CPUs. Outstanding weak signal decoding efficiency of FTRSD decoder if number of signals on the band is less than 12.Virtual DX window and sound alert on the wanted callsign.

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To request QSL card via Club Log you could simply use Club Log's frame located below on this page, just do 'log search - Request QSL card' within this frame and you will have to fill in QSO details when Club Log web page is opened.

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