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‘It went down very well with our mums that a dress of ours might have had an audience with the Queen!’ What went down even better was treating their mothers to a trip to the White House, where Thea and Justin had been invited to a party hosted by Michelle Obama, a loyal client ever since spotting a Preen outfit worn by a friend of hers. I stood there thinking, goodness, it’s amazing how far frocks can take you! Thea adds: ‘Michelle said to my mum, “I bet you are one proud Mama.” That was brilliant,’ says Thea.The pair have erred on the acceptable side of edgy, keeping their eye very much on the commercial ball.They are credited, for instance, with inventing the modern skinny jean, making batches during the week, then promptly selling out every Saturday. ‘Girls wanted to look like the skinny boys in bands; the problem was those boys didn’t have hips,’ says Thea.Samantha Cameron chose Preen when her husband won the 2015 election and again when he resigned the following year after the Brexit referendum.‘She is such a lovely lady and she always comes in person for fittings at the studio,’ says Thea.

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The style is from their Ted (The Event Dress) collection, rather than from the runway, and I gush that it is far and away my favourite Do C look. It can’t be easy dressing for all those events, but she does such a good job of it,’ Justin says.

‘That dress was already one of our bestsellers but after Kate wore it, it sold out worldwide in a matter of days.’ Preen is continuing the style: it is currently available in teal from Net-a-Porter.

‘I think politically it could be a bit risky,’ Justin offers. He claims the fact they are partners in every aspect of life – including as parents to daughters Fauve, nine, and Blythe, five – makes them better equipped to deal with the pressure placed on designers to keep up with the fashion treadmill while retaining integrity, not to mention the bottom line.‘We share the load and that makes a huge difference,’ he says.

‘I mean, she is a beautiful woman, but it’s all a little bit uncomfortable, isn’t it? ‘Until we had children we would do everything and make every decision together.

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