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She started explaining to me what I was supposed to do there, and why I was there. They came back at night and transferred me somewhere else. I was brought to a room that reminded me of the previous one. They threw me at that couch and said that they were going to come back soon. I drank that glass of water and the same thing happened. Then they brought a man, and told me if I don't satisfy him, they'll kill me. Then they said that if I didn't calm down, they would sell me to a place where nobody returns. What did it feel like when you were given the drugs? Turkey is said to have very cheap merchandise that could be re-sold here for a better price. Somehow we started a kind of friendly relationship with him. Well, I had heard some stories about girls being tricked in Turkey. At some point, [Viorel and I] started discussing the possibility of going to Turkey in order to buy merchandise. But as far as I knew they went there of their own free will and afterwards got tricked and got in trouble that way. Vlad asked me to try to feel better, because, as he said, we were going to see his friend who was going to help us buy merchandise wholesale. There were two other people I didn't recognize and Angela's husband in the car.

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