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I think we were more off the radar because we formed a company called Bloodlines, which was me and four sisters and we started to write. But during that time we worked with Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Christina Milian- so there was a lot of behind the scenes things that were happening with us that I feel maybe a lot of people don’t know about. We did our last performance together in Congo in December last year and on the plane back we were like ‘Listen, we’re going into 2013. For me, I needed to express myself without having to compromise. You just get to express your whole self into your sound. Love is Wicked and Bad To Di Bone were huge successes- Have you changed at all since them?And especially with our African fans- we always stayed doing shows for them. Let’s make a clean break, let’s work on solo projects’. If I had a creative decision I wanted to execute and Nailah didn’t like it, it couldn’t work- I had to park it. I have to let the fans know that Nyanda is still Nyanda from Brick & Lace, because those who liked me from Brick & Lace are the same people I expect to like me now that I’m solo and listen to what I have to say now.

Despite Nyla's outfit - a sleeveless, metallic almost-see-through dress over white shorts - there were no questions regarding the weight gain from prying followers.

But I think that now I’m back on my own I have a new fire, a new energy. It’s easy to go on autopilot as an artist so I think working on a solo project is like a whole new world to conquer. Nailah was interested in doing interior design and other things in her personal life. We’ve been together for so long, we’re sisters- we’re like batty and bench. It was something I definitely wanted to do for a long time. I did my first show in Russia solo and I had lot of nerves about it going in. I still have a great team that I work with called Black Lion so I still get to collaborate. So I’m definitely still bringing that flavour I brought on Love Is Wicked, still that flavour I brought on Bad To Di Bone, but with growth.

But once I was on the stage I didn’t think about it. I have grown creatively, so you will still get that essence of Nyanda you knew from Brick & Lace, but to the 100th power. When you go up there you realise; what the heck was I nervous about?

I do miss her, the way you’d miss a friend but I’m so focused on me right now. How is being a solo artist different to being in a band? Your remix to Taylor Swift’s Trouble was very successful- what made you choose to do your own rendition of that song? When I worked with Akon he brought me on tour Gwen Stefani. There are things you can learn from people- good and bad. I’m a deep thinker and I always like to wonder, ‘God, you really want me in Africa don’t you? I think these little things are healthy so that when you overcome it you have that victory. I love writing and even the recording process, but I would say performing because that is where you connect with the people. Some songs you write fast, but some songs are so special with the message you have to take a little more time to craft it. I’m really in this and I want the fans to know that.

When I heard the song I said it had a reggae flavour to it. There was something about the song- I was feeling it. For me I just want to take in everything because these are people who have made huge impacts on music. There was somebody I worked with and I didn’t like the way they were talking to their musicians, and I said ‘I will never talk to my musicians that way’. ’ There is something about it that just connects with me when I’m there. You can’t connect with the people in a recording studio, it’s a mind thing. Well as you can see, I have a lot of songs but a good amount of quality songs, because I do believe in quality over quantity. So what the fans can hopefully expect and what I expect from me, is just good quality records and I just want to feed the fans the music as much as I can. And I think I have to earn back their trust, I have to earn back their respect.

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I think that’s how the game is now- you have to be very aggressive. For those who haven’t heard Slippery When Wet yet, what would you say the song is about? Anywhere I connect with people is a blessing and I’m very grateful for the success of Trouble right now in the UK. I have been blessed to work with a lot of talented people. I like to allow life to unfold and enjoy the surprises. I’m sure there’s a lot of talented artists out there. You’ve also written for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera- which is your first love, writing or performing?

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