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The ‘Western Yi’ (Western Yunnan, China) has experienced a long history of reserving ancient civilizations.

The Chinese government has proclaimed and pledged to rejuvenize the ethnic minority cultures.

It has become the most recognized brand in the market.

In 2006, it successfully joined the market in New York Security Exchange.

With an all-time high capacity of 120 sets per day, Yutong has grown into the largest and most advanced manufacturers of medium and large buses.

By adopting advanced technology and equipments, FAW-Volkswagen has developed many popular brands, such as Jetta, Bora, Golf, Sagita, Magotan, CC, Audi A4L, Audi A6L and Audi Q5 etc.Gaungfa Securities, developed from the Securities Section of Guangdong Development Bank, is now the first comprehensive securities company in China..After entering in the stock market in 2001, its total value stays ahead of other securities companies.Cargo Club is one of the famous night clubs in Beijing.An increasingly younger crowd was longing for a brand image which would convey the expressive landscape and mood of the fashion and cultural 'stage' here in China's capital city.

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It will be acting fully upon the existing multilateral mechanism between China and relevant nations, and utilizing regional platforms that are established and effective.

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