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In school, you probably spent Friday through Sunday writing your weekend to-do list and solely Sunday night checking everything off in a Redbull-induced haze. You rarely get bored with the mundanity of everyday office life.

Your ability to adapt makes you valuable in times of transition, and you have no problem hopping around from one assignment to another.

Cancers are often characterized as overly sensitive, but they usually don’t get enough credit.

It’s probably the Cancer in your friend group that pours countless hours into their Secret Santa gift and reminds you to count your drinks at the bar.

While you may gravitate toward routine and repetitive work, low-energy offices and dingy environments take a serious toll on your morale. Geminis are masters of communication; they make for excellent novelists, poets and songwriters.

As a Gemini, your company includes wordsmiths like Walt Whitman, George Orwell, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Tupac Shakur.

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