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The total cost of building and operating the probes was million.

The Probe Bus was launched on the Pioneer Venus 2 mission on 8 August 1978 at UT from Cape Canaveral.

There was one midcourse correction on 16 August 1978. The Large Probe separated from the Bus on 16 November and the Small Probes on 20 November.

After release of the probes the bus was slowed slightly to fall behind the probes as they headed towards Venus.

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Two Small Probes entered on the nightside, and one Small Probe and the Large Probe entered on the dayside of the planet.

The spacecraft was spin-stabilized at about 48 rpm.

Power was provided by a solar array around the outside of the cylinder and batteries.

Attitude control and knowledge was provided by radial and aft thrusters and star sensors.

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